Because this is a kid-driven show, we’re interested in interviewing kids as well as adults. Kids are some of the most creative thinkers around, and we’d love to hear who you would like to be interviewed on the show. To suggest a guest, go here: or simply email


  • People who have figured out how to celebrate their differences
  • People who are trying to connect, collaborate, and solve problems in creative ways
  • People who are trying to help the environment
  • People who are using technology in creativity to bridge divides, help others, and encourage kindness
  • People involved in animal rescue, assistance, and/or rights. Examples:
    • Sea turtle protection
    • Puppy mill rescue
    • Winning rights for farm animals
    • Protect endangered species like wolves, bats, rhinos, elephants, etc.
  • People who work with and/or train therapy animals.
  • Musicians, artists, actors, and performers who are creative in unusual ways. Examples:
    • Slam poets
    • Mimes
    • Shadow puppet performers
    • Dancers
    • Dueling pianists
    • Voice actors
    • Comedians
    • Grafiti artists
    • Singers
  • People who turned their mistakes into success stories
  • People who have made hard decisions that changed their lives in good ways
  • People whose lives have been changed for the good by animals.

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