About CritterKin Kids

CritterKin Kids is the brainchild of Jena Ball, the creator of the CritterKin books and programs. It is an interactive, kid-driven podcast focused on subjects that are important to kids. The show is hosted by characters from the books – Ms. Jenaia and the eight CritterKin dogs – whose goofy personalities and unique perspectives make the conversations funny as well as educational.

The show is divided into three parts:

Part I: Each show begins with a question chosen from those submitted by kids during the week. The question is always answered by one or more of the CritterKin dogs. To submit a question, go to: https://flipgrid.com/716fe3

Part II: The opening question is followed by an interview with a guest who shares his/her story from the perspective of a dog. See “How It Works” for details.

Part III: The show closes with a question and creative challenge for the week. Both kids and adults are encouraged to join the ongoing conversation on Flipgrid.

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Questions, Comments, Ideas?
Contact Jena: JenaBall@CritterKin.com